About us

My Handyman is just a call away. With just one phone call, you will find the solution for all your home needs. Our experienced technicians are trained to provide you with on-site solutions, in a quick and reliable way. Our job is to make yours easier. Rest assured that your satisfaction is our priority, and the quality of our work will demonstrate it.

We are here to help you with a wide array of services. Anything between remodeling, repairs, or simple maintenance. My Handyman can help install your hardwood floors, paint your bedroom, and even hang your frames. If you find yourself puzzled when building that new shelf or if you need help installing your new dishwasher, just call My Handyman and consider the job done.

No job is too big or too small for My Handyman, and we stand by that. We are here to satisfy your home needs, just the way you like it. We understand that working in your home is very intimate and that is something we respect. We strive to provide you with solutions in your own personalized way. We don’t only work for you, we work with you to ensure your full satisfaction. We do our best to ensure that home always feels like home.



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