Coronavirus compliance barrier


    Practice Covid-19 compliance in your business.

    Learn how you can follow new compliances in your place of business. Educate yourself on how the current events in 2020 are reshaping the face of businesses.

    Are your employees expressing concern for their health?

    Covid-19 : An airborne illness that spreads through droplets that can reach up to 6 ft. Microdroplets can take 20 minutes to fall to the ground. Coronavirus can live on some surfaces for up to 72 hours.
    Are gloves and cloth barriers for the mouth and nose enough?
    Employees in commercial retail appear to be trying to do all that they can to protect themselves from Covid-19 with the utilization of gloves, sanitizing wipes, and the commonly used cloth masks in front of their nose and mouth.
    Taking these measures are a great practice for employees but what is it that you as a business owner can be utilizing to protect them?

    Offer your employees and customers a better sense of security against Covid-19:

    It is an importance and good business practice to comply in the protection against Covid-19 transmission.
    With the installment of protective plexi-glass barriers you can make use of the aid of preventing coronavirus droplets from reaching the airways of both your employees and customers.

    • Installment within 1 Day
    • Will integrate seamlessly with your current layout
    • A unique design which allows for transfer of payments and receipts in a more efficient way. (No longer will you have to go around the protective shield)
    • Able to install during off-business hours to avoid inconvenience.
    • Easy removal upon request



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